Two events, one planned and one a complete surprise, marked Spring 2015 as an exciting time for Tom Anderson. March saw the launch of his latest title, Code Black, while Mayday brought with it something Tom had considered so improbable he’d even written a book about it: a win at the Welsh Surfing Championships! It was the Senior division (28 […]

Tom Joins the Elusive Team

#Supportyourlocalsurfshop Ahead of a Christmas book stall at the family-run surf shop Flow Surf and Skate, Tom Anderson was delighted last week to announce a new role as a brand ambassador for Elusive clothing. The Newport-based label has a tradition of supporting surf and arts scenes at a local and organic level. This was a message Tom was keen to […]

The Actaeon Tide launch event

What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun… Fancy reading something Slovakian this autumn? The nights may be drawing in but, before you decide which books to hibernate with, why not join us for a pop-up international literary festival in Cardiff this October and discover new playwrights, […]

London Surf Film Festival

Tom is appearing at this weekend’s London Surf Film Festival with several other surf writers. New book will be on sale! Swing by if you’re in the city

Parthian Author Interview: Tom Anderson

Tom Anderson reveals his guilty pleasure and his secret love for maths ahead of the publication of The Actaeon Tide next month…