Tom Joins the Elusive Team


Ahead of a Christmas book stall at the family-run surf shop Flow Surf and Skate, Tom Anderson was delighted last week to announce a new role as a brand ambassador for Elusive clothing. The Newport-based label has a tradition of supporting surf and arts scenes at a local and organic level. This was a message Tom was keen to get on song with:

‘As the surf industry’s biggest companies race towards blandness the true identity of surf culture and surf fashion has come right back to the grass roots companies,’ says Tom. ‘With guest designers, sustainable materials and a real desire to support creative arts and hard core surfing, Elusive stand for everything we need to preserve.

‘With Nick running this company out of Newport, and selling through family-run outlets across Devon, Cornwall and of course Flow Surf and Skate in Porthcawl, this is a partnership I’m absolutely stoked to be able to make.’

This news comes on the back of a busy autumn for Tom. On top of his debut thriller The Actaeon Tide hitting the stands in October, Tom has completed a manuscript for Accent Press’s ‘Quick Reads’ scheme due for release in March 2015.

You can read more about the Elusive brand values Tom will be helping to support, and browse clothing ranges via the Elusive website, or their Twitter, Facebook and Instagram feeds.

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